Prepare the pancakes according to the instructions on the package and let the porridge rest for 15 minutes.

In a deep-frying pan add the bacon slices that you want to bake. Add water until you cover the bacon slices. Place the frying pan in the kitchen and cook over medium-high heat.

After a while, turn the slices upside down until golden. As soon as it is ready, transfer it to absorbent paper. After the finely cools, chop it.

Add the cheese, the cooked bacon, and the chives to the batter, stirring until homogenized.

Put a little butter in a non-stick pan and when it heats up enough add a ladle from the porridge. Bake over medium heat until blisters form on the surface and turn on the other side. We repeat the same process with all the porridge.

Serve with sour cream, grated cheese, and chives.

Tips: If you do not have Sour cream, you can mix 150 gr. full cream with the juice of a lemon; The mixture coagulates and can be used directly.