For the cocoa frosting


In a mixer whisk together the chocolate cake base mixture with the eggs, the water and the seed oil, for 2 minutes at low speed and for 8 minutes at high speed

Once you finish whisking, distribute the cake batter evenly in two cake pans (26cm diameter and 5cm height)

Bake in preheated oven at 180°C for 40 minutes. Let the sponge cakes cool down for 15-20 minutes

Preparation cocoa frosting

Heat the sugar, the honey, the cocoa and the dairy cream and let them cool down.

Then in a mixer whisk the mixture mentioned above with the butter until it’s homogeneous. Finally add the vanilla extract

After the sponge cakes cool down, in order to make the chocolate cake, spread the cocoa frosting around, between and on the top of the sponge cakes

Decorate with ingredients of your choice Put the chocolate cake in the refrigerator